5 New Ideas from Daphne Cheng

I just opened up a brand new venue in New York City called Exhibit C.

Located on the Lower East Side of Manhattan, Exhibit C is a place to discover talented, upcoming chefs and exotic, wild, or heirloom ingredients. Not only will we feed your stomach, your mind, and your soul, but we’ll challenge you to reimagine your dinner plate.

I look forward to seeing you there.

Daphne Cheng

top 5

Atelier Crenn — from the first female chef in America to earn two Michelin stars.

Plant Food & Wine in Venice, CA is worth the trip.

I love the honey varietal coffee at Devoción in Brooklyn.

ALOHA Protect organic herbal tea is crafted with echinacea and tulsi.

Avant Garden in NYC is the restaurant we vegheads have been waiting for.

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