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In the food world, there are innovative products, outstanding restaurants, useful apps, excellent books, and fascinating events that are popping up all of time.

Yet, how does a consumer learn about all of these things without spending a ton of time reading about and researching what’s new?

Similarly, how does a company reach or effectively market their new product or service to an increasingly busy food consumer?

As we have experienced first-hand, these are very real problems because the amount of information and number of resources that consumers must sift through is overwhelming. In the end, many things get missed in the process and everyone loses out.

And that is why we created First Bite – to make sure that good food is getting out to the public in an easy-to-digest format.



Put together by Max and Oliver, First Bite is a weekly curated email where we present the best of what is new and interesting in the food world.

We do the work for you – researching all of the new products, restaurants, services, and events – and compile everything in an email that contains only 5 links per week.  This way you can learn about new things in food in less than 20 seconds.

For companies – we are not only reaching individual consumers but we are also getting your products or services in front of some of the key executives, influencers, and bloggers in the food industry.



We are two friends who met while sharing an office together at WeWork in NYC, and First Bite emerged after long discussions about what was missing and needed in the food world.


Max Goldberg

Called an “organic sensation” by The New York Times and named as “one of the nation’s leading organic food experts” by Shape Magazine, Max Goldberg is the founder of Living Maxwell, one of the most influential organic food blogs in the country.

A speaker at industry events, an advisor to organic food companies around the world, and a GMO-labeling activist, Max is also the founder of Pressed Organic Juice Directory, a pressed organic juice directory with more than 400 brands worldwide.  He also is the host of the Living Maxwell Show on Periscope, the first-ever “LIVE” organic food tv show.

Additionally, Max runs the Organic Food Industry Group on LinkedIn, where his weekly curated email is read by 11,000+ organic food CEOs, founders, and executives from around the globe.

Max received his BA from Brown University and his MBA from the Columbia University Graduate School of Business, and he is the author of the upcoming memoir Finding Maxwell: Reclaiming My Life After a Decade of Antidepressants.


You can read all his posts here.


Oliver Christie

Born in Scotland to English parents, Oliver Christie started his culinary journey at the age of 13 working in a friend’s restaurant.  Here he gained an appreciation for using simple, but quality, ingredients in the restaurant’s mix of Italian and American food.

Oliver went on to work as a chef in such esteemed restaurants as the Old Chesil Rectory in Winchester, England, and was a chef at the Moody Goose in Bath, England, when it received its first Michelin star.  His years of working in restaurants with such varied cooking styles as classic British, Swiss and even modern Indian, broadened Oliver’s tastes and appreciation for diverse flavors and combinations.

Wanting a new challenge, Oliver bought a farm and 400-year-old farmhouse in central Italy. On this farm he grew walnut, olive, and cherry trees as well as more sunflowers than you can imagine.  5 years spent in Italy taught him much about the fundamentals of both eating and living well.

Oliver now runs a digital consulting company in New York. Foxy Machine advises companies on how to use innovative digital strategies to grow and develop target audiences.  Oliver received his BA from Bath University in the UK. He is married to a fantastic Texan and lives in NYC.

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